Report unethical behaviors or violations to the Code of Conduct.


The Code of Conduct of Boticário Group was launched in 2009 and has since undergone updates, as a response to the evolution of our business.

Everyone is expected to know and act in accordance with our rules and conduct guidelines. Whenever any doubt arises or when you feel you need guidance to make any day-to-day decision, refer to the Code of Conduct. It is up to us all to disclose it to our partners, suppliers and to everyone who has a relationship with us, to avoid any doubt about the firmness of the ethical and respectful approach adopted by Boticário Group.

Our conduct determines how these relationships are established and maintained. It is the lighthouse that guides the path we take every day when we make decisions, when we commit and when we adopt Our Way of Being and Doing.

The conduct is in our DNA, it defines it. It is in our history; it pulses in our present and invites us to build the future. It is the agreement we sign every day about how we are “#UmSóGrupo”, and how we transform the world around us.

The way we act makes the whole difference and is part of our values! As important as what we do, is how we do it.

Fernando M. Mode


Dear employee, if you need any social and
emotional support, please contact our Health
Center. We have a team of Social Workers ready
to listen, welcome and guide you.